• Aims & Vision Policy

Aims & Vision Policy

Vision, Aims and Ethos Policy-Full School

Last reviewed: 11/02/19

SLT Responsible: Michael Wilson, Principal

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi School Vision, Aims and Ethos


Cranleigh Abu is a coeducational day school (with future provision for possible Boarding) for children between the ages of 3 and 18, with the provision for an extended day. It is sited on 8 hectares (20 acres) of land at the entrance to the cultural district of Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, with close links with New York University, the Louvre, the planned Zayed National Museum and the Guggenheim.

The school has adopted the motto of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s sister school in the UK, ‘Ex Cultu Robur’ (‘From Culture comes Strength’), which is in keeping with Saadiyat’s identity as the cultural heart of Abu Dhabi.

1. Aims

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi aims:

  • To establish itself as one of the finest schools in the Middle East and the wider world;
  • To provide pupils with the highest quality educational experience;
  • To select pupils who are excited by the opportunities for learning the school provides. The school will offer an academic challenge and focus on extending each child’s abilities through Sport, Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Design Technology and an extensive range of intellectual and extra-curricular pursuits;
  • To recognise each child’s strengths and abilities and to provide them with the tools and the skills and attitudes that will enable them to achieve their full potential, to feel happy in their endeavours and their achievements and to play productive and positive roles at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi;
  • To put the learning experience of the individual pupil at the heart of what we do, thereby encouraging pupils to see learning as absorbing and exhilarating and of permanent value;
  • To create an educational environment with a soul and a spirit that inspires.

2. Objectives

2.1 These are:

  • To provide a stimulating learning environment in which pupils can develop their academic potential to the full;
  • To provide a happy and secure pastoral environment in which pupils can learn to live together and thus foster a sense of community, co-education, respect for one another and good citizenship;
  • To provide pupils with the opportunity to take advantage of a breadth of extra-curricular activities in order to develop positively all aspects of their character;
  • To provide pupils with the opportunity to take decisions based on their own judgement and to communicate those decisions appropriately and effectively;
  • To provide a clear, simple and effective management structure capable of taking timely decisions and allocating necessary resources appropriately;
  • To provide the necessary administrative and logistic framework to meet the needs of members of staff and pupils alike.

2.2 There are four broad areas to which these objectives are directed:

  • Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s value system
  • Teaching and learning
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • The Cranleigh Abu Dhabi community

3. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s Value System

The Cranleigh Code

Be Creative, collaborative and courteous

Be Respectful, resilient and responsible

Have Acceptance and adaptability

Be kiNd and nurturing

Love to learn and listen carefully

Have Empathy and enthusiasm

Be Inspirational and inclusive

Be Giving and have gratitude

Be Honest and helpful

Think cArefully before you act

Be uNique and open-minded

Take RiskSand have fun

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

A soul and a spirit that inspires

With Kindness and Tolerance

With Courtesy and Respect

With Safety and Enthusiasm

With Honesty and Humility

Through Listening and Learning

4. Teaching and Learning

4.1 Academic achievement is viewed as the most important priority for pupils at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. Each pupil is given the opportunity to fulfil his/ her academic potential, commensurate with his/her ability, and to achieve the highest possible attainment level.

4.2 While taking note of the National Curriculum, IGCSE’s, (AS) and A2 level examinations, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi seeks to promote breadth and depth of study and to encourage independence of learning and self-discipline in work habits.

4.3 Within this context, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi aims:

  • To instil in all pupils, the love of learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives;
  • To offer qualified teachers and teaching of the highest standard, suitably differentiated to take note of the abilities of the pupils being taught;
  • To engage children cognitively, experientially and emotionally by fostering their spiritual, social, cultural and moral development, paying particular attention to the history, language and culture in the UAE;
  • To provide pupils with realistic short and long-term targets, measuring their achievement by a balance of internal and external assessment;
  • To provide excellent resources for teaching (including the provision of ICT), and clear management within each academic department (including a balanced, workable timetable);
  • To encourage pupils with Special Educational Needs to receive and accept appropriate advice and support, and pupils of significant ability to achieve absolute excellence;
  • To provide a Tutorial system capable of monitoring and guiding the academic study of each individual pupil, and enabling pastoral care to support the teachers in their work;
  • To offer pupils a breadth of education through lectures, visits and outside speakers;
  • To provide each pupil with clear advice and guidance on his/her options for future education in order to become effective and successful participants in local and international communities.

5. Co- Curricular Activities

5.1 The Co- curricular programme aims to offer a wide range of opportunities in which each pupil can develop other skills and interests, while increasing his/her own self-esteem and confidence. Such opportunities are sensitively timetabled in order to minimise clashes with other commitments in the daily school calendar.

5.2 Within this context, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi aims:

  • To provide a wide variety of activities which will stimulate interest and provide contrast, specialisation and balance to a pupil’s everyday life;
  • To promote a programme for the individual and collective development of the creative and performing arts, encouraging participation and involvement at all levels of ability as well as absolute excellence at the higher end of the ability range;
  • To offer a varied and well-organised sporting programme, aiming to promote individual and collective excellence as well as to encourage participation by all, regardless of ability.
  • To provide opportunity for adventure-training, promoting strength of character.
  • To ensure that the programme on offer is inclusive allowing all of the children to take part in sport and extra-curricular activities each week.

6. The Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Community

6.1 Significant importance is attached to the support which pupils are encouraged to give one another in their lives at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. Such mutual support promotes trust, friendship and high morale, along with a sense of belonging, collegiality and security. It also seeks to emphasize the higher priority which will be attached to membership of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi.

6.2 Within this context, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi aims:

  • To teach all pupils to listen to and respect the views of others, to accept them where appropriate, to be forgiving of others’ faults and to accept the rules by which Cranleigh Abu Dhabi abides by;
  • To provide an environment where boys and girls will benefit from sharing opportunities for development together, but in which their different cultural backgrounds, needs and abilities are also recognised;
  • To provide opportunities for independence of thought and action, and to help each pupil to develop an ability to take decisions based on his/her own judgement, fundamental self-belief and inner confidence;
  • To help all pupils to be articulate and to develop the confidence to communicate decisions and views, orally and in writing, in order to build strength of character;
  • To engage the parental community in the education of their sons/ daughters, reinforcing community values, local traditions and cultures and family life.

This policy is reviewed annually

MT Wilson December 2019