AUP for Internet & Email Services Policy-Pupils

    Acceptable Use Policy for Internet and Email Services-Full School

    Last reviewed: 19th Sept 2018

    SLT responsible: John Carney, IT Manager


    Use of internet and email services by Cranleigh pupils is permitted, and indeed encouraged, where such use supports academic progress, in line with the goals and objectives of the school. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s acceptable use policy requires that pupils:

    1. Use email in an acceptable way

    2. Do not create unnecessary risk to the school and themselves by their misuse of the internet

    3. Comply with current legislation

    Acceptable Use

    • Internet access must be in support of educational activities
    • All internet access must be via the Student wireless network
    • When using email, extreme caution must always be taken in revealing any information of a personal nature.
    • Network accounts are to be used only by the authorised owner of the account for the authorised purpose.
    • Pupils to exhibit exemplary behaviour on the network as representatives of the school and community. Be polite!

    Unacceptable Usage

    • Accessing the Staff and Guest wireless networks to bypass security measures
    • Use of personal communications systems in school, for activities that are illegal or against UAE customs, including the use of VPN software
    • Use of school communications systems for sending chain letters
    • Distributing, accessing or storing images, text or materials that might be considered indecent, inappropriate, pornographic, obscene or illegal
    • Distributing, accessing or storing images, text or materials that might be considered discriminatory, offensive or abusive, in that the context is a personal attack, sexist or racist, or might be considered as harassment or bullying
    • Accessing copyrighted information in a way that violates the copyright
    • Breaking into the school’s or another organisation’s system or unauthorised use of a password/mailbox
    • Broadcasting unsolicited personal views on social, political, religious or other non-school related matters
    • Transmitting unsolicited commercial or advertising material (SPAM)
    • Undertaking deliberate activities that waste staff effort or networked resources
    • Introducing any form of computer virus or malware into the school network
    • Accessing another person’s e-mail account
    • Sharing passwords with other students
    • Downloading media files for personal entertainment

    Use of School Media Resources

    For some activities pupils will require access to school media resources that are saved on the school network. These resources will be controlled by the member of staff leading the activity and the pupils will only have access through a school device. Pupils are only permitted to use these resources for the purpose they were intended to be used for. They should not:

    • take copies of school-owned photos home or store them on their own devices
    • post them on social media
    • alter the resources


    Stage 1: Preventative measures

    Designed to discourage unacceptable usage and to promote positive usage.

    • Staff and tutor training through insets and CPD - awareness of the risk
    • and indications of unacceptable usage
    • Banning of mobile phones during the school day. Senior school pupils are permitted to use mobile phones after 4.30pm as long as they are outside the school building
    • Promoting e-safety amongst the school community
    • Assemblies and awareness days
    • Learning for Life programme (including learning and developing ADEC’s Student Competences)
    • Monitoring and reviewing of policies
    • Effective monitoring of pupil usage

    Stage 2: Sanctions

    Sanctions are dependent upon the severity of the offence and consideration of any previous episodes of misuse. The following should be used as a guideline:

    1. Verbal warning

    2. Teacher detention

    3. Senior leadership detention

    4. Letter home to parents

    5. Controlled use of devices by staff

    All incidents are recorded as a pastoral note on ISAMs


    In the interests of Child Safety and Safeguarding, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi maintains the right to inspect all school-issued email accounts. Such monitoring is for legitimate purposes only, and is documented.

    As part of the school's IT programme pupils are given supervised access to the internet through school computers and the Student wireless network. Use of the internet is subject to both the parent’s and pupil’s signed acceptance of the terms of this policy, which is outlined on the final page of this document. Please download the form here

    Access to the internet enables pupils to explore libraries, databases, and bulletin boards while exchanging messages with other internet users throughout the world. Families should be warned that some material accessible via the internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people.

    At Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, the use of modern firewalls and anti-spam services ensures a high level of network security, in order to combat unsolicited emails and internet content. With internet access comes the responsibility of the user to only access materials that are considered educational in value in the context of the school setting. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi staff will make every effort to guide students in the correct use of the internet. As part of this provision our access is filtered to exclude inappropriate material; however, on a global scale, it is impossible to control all materials. It is imperative therefore, that users be held accountable for their use of the technology.

    During school, teachers will guide pupils towards appropriate materials. Outside of school, families bear the same responsibility for such guidance as they exercise with information sources such as television, telephones, movies, radio and other potentially offensive media.

    Agreement for Acceptable Use of School Email and Internet Services


    As a user of the school’s internet and email services, I agree to comply with the school rules on its use. I will use these systems in a responsible way and observe all the restrictions explained to me by the school.

    Pupil Full Name Form:

    Pupil Signature Date:


    As the parent or legal guardian of the pupil signing above, I grant permission for my son or daughter to use electronic mail and the internet. I understand that pupils will be held accountable for their own actions. I also understand that some materials on the internet may be objectionable and I accept responsibility for setting standards for my child to follow when selecting, sharing and exploring information and media.

    Parent Full Name

    Parent Signature Date:

    On behalf of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

    Staff Name: Position:

    Signed: Date Received: