Attendance, Punctuality, Absence and Early Leave Policy

    Attendance and Absence Policy-Full School

    Last reviewed: 31/08/18


    Claire McGrory and Emma John, Deputy Heads in Pre-Prep School

    Wayne Davis, Deputy Head (Pastoral) in the Senior School

    Natassja Williams, Deputy Head (Pastoral) in the Prep School

    Illness or unplanned absence

    If a child is ill, parents are requested to e-mail or telephone the School Office before 7.30am on each day of absence as explained in our expectations guidelines. One cannot help genuine illness but we want to ensure your child is in school as much as possible to avoid impact on learning or academic progress.  

    Planned absence

    Requests for other absences must be made by completing the relevant Leave of Absence Request Form. This should reach the school at least 7 days in advance (except in an emergency, when parents are asked to telephone the school before 7.30am).  The Heads of School will review these and either authorize or unauthorize the request depending on the reason of the request. 

    Parents will be sent the term dates as soon as these are known in order that they can arrange their holidays and organise travel plans without disrupting their child’s education. Please note that it is the school’s policy not to authorise holidays during term time. Should parents choose to disregard this, the school cannot be responsible for the disruption to their child’s continuity of learning, progress and ultimately exam results. The school does not provide work, support material or catch-up for unauthorised absences.

    If your child has had continued unauthorised absence, letters will be emailed to parents termly informing them of the impact this could have on their child’s learning journey which is also monitored by the School’s Senior Management Team. Attendance is crucial in ensuring your child has the best possible opportunities; lost learning time is detrimental not just academically but also to your child's social and emotional development.

    Leaving School early

    Occasionally children will need to leave school early, for instance to attend an appointment with a doctor or dentist. In this event, parents should contact the child's tutor in advance, copying in and the relevant Head of Year or in the Senior School the Housemaster, to let them know who will be picking the child up and at what time. They will then need to sign the child out in the Early Leaver Book at the Junior or Senior reception. Children in the Senior School will be allowed to sign themselves out of school as laid out in the Senior School Supplement.


    Punctuality is reviewed half termly by the Deputy Heads  and the Head of Years. It is important the children arrive in the morning at the following times:

    Pre- Prep: between 7:30am and 7:50am

    Prep: 7.30am

    Senior 7.30am 

    If children in Pre- Prep arrive after 7.55am they are deemed late and must sign in at the reception. If children in the Prep and Senior School arrive after 7.45am they are deemed late. If they arrive after 7.55am they must sign in at the either the Junior or Senior reception. 

    If children are repeatedly late within a half term they will be contacted by the child's tutor, Head of Year or Deputy Head depending on the nature and severity of the lateness. It is important all children are in school on time to avoid missing key notices, information and to avoid the child feeling rushed at the start of their day. 

    This document is reviewed annually

    Last reviewed: 31/08/18