Lost Property Policy

Lost Property Policy-Full School

Last reviewed: 01/11/19 

To be reviewed: 31/8/2020

SLT Responsible: Head of the Prep School

At Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, we recognise that it is inevitable that items will be misplaced by pupils and visitors to the school. We therefore endeavour to provide an efficient and effective lost property service for all. The following policy and procedures are intended to ensure that items reported lost or found are properly accounted for and, in the case of items found, returned to their rightful owners. 


Lost property means any unattended, misplaced or forgotten items which are the property of a person or persons, and which are found within the boundaries of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi by another person or persons and subsequently handed to school staff pending the identification of the original owner or appropriate disposal. High Value Property refers to personal effects such as mobile phones, jewellery, electronic devices, watches and other items which have significant material value. Pupil Property refers to everyday items required for school such as items of clothing, calculators, water bottles and lunchboxes.


Items left unattended are not the responsibility of the School and the School assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the care and/or protection of such items, including theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief, of such belongings. The School can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to the personal property of pupils unless the item(s) have been specifically handed to a member of staff, who has accepted responsibility for their safekeeping. Any school books, planners or equipment issued to a pupil become their responsibility. If lost they are responsible for the replacement. No items should be left in the School other than in the designated areas (e.g. lockers, instrument stores etc.) and any that are left are done so at the owner's risk. Whilst the School has installed CCTV which acts as a deterrent to vandalism, theft or malicious mischief, coverage of the site is not universal. At all times valuables, should not be left unattended or in unlocked storage.

Naming items

Due to the fact that pupils all have very similar uniform and kit, made by the same manufacturer in many cases, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi cannot recognise items and therefore return items to a particular person if it they are not labelled or if they do not contain some other identifying mark. If property is labelled, it can be promptly returned to its owner within the guidelines specified within this policy. Naming items properly means: full name together with, ideally, the child's form name. The School advises parents to use name tapes sewn or ironed onto the item of clothing. However, if these are unavailable, parents should opt to write on the label or inside trainers or shoes with a good quality laundry marker pen or permanent marker pen.

Pupils and parents are reminded to ensure that items are named if brought into school, and that unnecessary items of significant value should not be brought into school.

Storage of Personal Possessions On-Site

Pupils are reminded regularly to make sure that all their personal property and any school property that has been issued to them is kept safely on their person or in the provided storage. Staff may be asked to take care of valuable items and they may do so but they are under no obligation to do so, and especially if they feel they cannot guarantee the safety of such items. Parents are asked to not allow pupils to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school unless it is absolutely necessary. Money and valuable items must never be left unattended in insecure areas or unattended bags. Such items should be locked away, given to staff for safe storage, or not brought into school. Staff are similarly advised that the storage of personal items on-site or in their own rooms or desks is done so at their own risk.

Procedure in the event of finding property that has been lost

Anyone finding lost property should hand it to a member of staff or take it to the reception area of either the Junior or Senior School. Members of the community, whether academic staff, pupils, contractors, visitors, parents or guardians, are required to turn any items in to school security, school reception, or via a member of staff, any items of value, whether cash, documents, personal possessions, or school assets that they may find unattended anywhere on the school site.

Junior School: Items are moved to the Lost Property area, in the Copy Room behind Reception

Senior School: Items are kept in a box at Senior Reception for one week (and transferred to the Junior School Lost Property area every Thursday)

Sports Hall & Changing Rooms: Items are kept in a box in the PE department for one week (and transferred to the Junior School Lost Property area every Thursday)

Sixth Form: Any items apart from those of high personal value found in the Sixth Form Centre are kept in a central place at the reception desk there and sorted by the Sixth Formers. High value items should be handed to the Senior School Reception as above.

Procedure for claiming lost property and owner identification

All items from the Junior School are sent to the Lost Property area. Items that have not been claimed by the Thursday morning of each week in Senior School and the Sports Hall / changing rooms are taken to the Junior School Lost property area by the Admin assistant for Senior School and Sports Assistant for PE.

The Junior School Admin Assistant sorts the items into named and unnamed as well as by year group, where possible. Year 8 pupils are also on a rota to come to the Lost Property area every day between 7:30 and 7:45 to help. They collect named items and take them to the relevant Head of Year. The Senior School Admin Assistant collects the named items for Year 9 and above on Thursdays and takes then to Senior School for distribution.

The Junior School Lost Property area is open to parents and pupils to look for a lost item at specified times of the day (7:55am – 9:30am; 10:00am – 10:20am; 12:15pm – 13:00pm; 1:30 – 2:00pm). It is not open outside of these times.

Any person reclaiming property of high value or containing personal data will be asked for detailed information about the item to signify they have received the item. Proof that they are the owner will be requested. Any items regarded as inappropriate will be passed to members of senior leadership who will explain why the item is inappropriate and also obtain signed agreement from the member of School stating that they understand and that they will not bring the item into School in the future.

Unnamed High Value Items

All High Value items should be handed to either the Senior or Junior reception in the first instance. When searching for identifying information e.g. in a purse, wallet, handbag when possible this will be done in the presence of two members of School staff or security. In handing over the item, the following details should be recorded by the Reception: a) Description of the item found b) Location where the property was found, if known c) Name and details of finder. Reception then informs all School staff that the item has been found. If staff are aware that an item matching the description has been lost by a pupil, they should inform the pupil that the item has been potentially found so that they can inspect and hopefully reclaim the item. If a high value item is lost by a pupil, it should be reported immediately to a member of staff who will forward on a request to all staff to be vigilant in looking for the object as well as emailing Reception. High value items are kept in secure storage at reception whilst awaiting collection.

Items found that contain personal data

Items containing personal data will be stored in the safely in the Lost Property location in the same way as above and where possible the owner will be identified.

Food and drink

Food and drink will be disposed of immediately using the relevant rubbish bins.

School Musical Instruments

School Musical Instruments are assigned to pupils under the school’s rental scheme. The Music department has lockers in the Senior School and a store room in the Prep School next to the Music office on the first floor. School instruments have a unique QR sticker code which, when scanned by a QR Reader on a smart phone, identifies the pupil it has been assigned to. Instruments that belong to pupils should be clearly named.

Instruments should be kept in the designated lockers or store when not being used.

Instruments that are mislaid in school are reported to the Music department administrator and any found instruments are either returned directly to the pupil if clearly identified or sent to the Music department.

Disposal of Unclaimed Items

Unnamed pupil property which has not been collected will be displayed at the end of every half term on tables in the Junior School, organised by the CCC. Any unnamed pupil property that has still not been collected after these half termly displays may be laundered in preparation for sale at the “Resale for CCC/Red Crescent” fund raising event at the beginning of each term. The exception to this are water bottles and lunch containers which will be disposed of.

High value items and cash will be retained and locked away at Junior Reception. These items will be posted on the Cranleigh Facebook page for parents to identity and retrieve from Reception.

Any lost property containing personal data that has not been claimed within the specified time period will be either handed to the police or destroyed as most appropriate.