Uniform Policy

    Uniform Policy-Full School

    Last reviewed: 6 / 07 / 2019

    SLT responsible: Simon Kenworthy, Head of Prep School


    With the exception of official non-uniform days all pupils are required to wear school uniform every school day and this uniform must conform to the shades, styles, textures and colours determined by the school and in keeping with the uniform stocked by the school suppliers. Uniform should be clean and tidy at all times and it should be worn in full to and from school, as well as in public, inclusive of blazer in the Prep and Senior schools (when the weather permits).

    The full uniform list is available on the school website. The list shows the variations for each part of the school and gives details of the official school suppliers.

    Hats – “No hat, no play”

    In the Prep and Pre-Prep Schools, we operate a “no hat, no play” rule throughout the year and all children will require a Cranleigh sunhat or cap when outdoors. In the Senior School the children are deemed old enough to decide for themselves whether they need to wear one or not.

    Shoes & socks

    All children should wear flat soled non-marking, black, leather shoes which should be properly polished. Sketchers and canvas shoes are not allowed. All children should wear socks that cover their ankles, grey for boys and white for girls. In the Pre-Prep, girls may wear navy blue tights/stockings under their dresses instead of socks, however three-quarter or full-length leggings are not permitted.

    Skirt Length

    Due to local sensitivities, girls’ skirts should reach below their knees. This is also an ADEK requirement. Form Teachers are expected to play their part in enforcing this dress code.

    School Bags

    Pupils in the Prep and Senior schools have a choice of three bags: the Cranleigh backpack, satchel or games bag (or any combination). Pre-Prep pupils must now have a compulsory Cranleigh backpack as well as an additional book bag to protect library and reading books. Any non-Cranleigh bags will not be permitted in the Pre Prep and Prep Schools. Pupils in the Senior School are allowed to use a plain black or navy blue bag without any distinctive logos or colour.

    Jewellery and make-up

    No jewellery or make-up is permitted and this includes friendship bands and bracelets. Girls may wear discreet stud earrings but these must be removed or for PE and Games.


    Girls' hair may be long or short but if long, i.e. below the chin, it must be tied back; discreet navy blue hair accessories or official tartan hair accessories only. The only exception to this is in the Senior School where girls are allowed to wear their hair down. All boys' hair should be cut to a conventional short style i.e. off the collar, above the ears and with a short fringe. Neither boys’ nor girls’ hair should not be combed with any colouring or gel.


    Wearing of a watch is a good idea as the children get older and become more independent, however, we strongly recommend that the watch is named. Watches vary tremendously in value and we ask you to use your judgement as the school will not be held liable for any losses incurred. All watches (including fitness watches) much be removed for PE and Games lessons. Please note that smart watches are not allowed below Year 7 and that any watch with photo or video capability is not allowed at all.

    Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones are banned in both the Pre-Prep and Prep Schools; if children need to contact their parents then they should gain permission from their teacher or tutor (written in to the back of their planner) and then use the phone at reception. In the Senior School, children may have a mobile phone in school, but are not allowed to use them until after school hours and they should be used outside of the school building.

    Naming of clothes

    It is particularly important that all uniform items are named so that lost property can be reunited with its owner quickly. Any lost property which is found should be placed in the lost property areas. Lost property whose owner can be identified is returned to its owner on a regular basis.

    PE Uniform

    In the Pre-Prep and Prep Schools the blue PE uniform and white socks are worn for PE and Games lessons and House colours to House events. In the Senior School there is one kit that is used for PE, Games and House events. The pupils must ensure they purchase the correct kit for their house (North – Green, West – Maroon, East – Turquoise, South – Orange). Trainers should be predominantly white and non-marking and should only be worn for PE, Games and at break times. Children should change into and out of their PE uniform at the beginning and end of their sports lessons, except in Pre-Prep where this will happen at the discretion of the class teacher.

    It is highly recommended that:

    • Shin pads be worn for football and hockey
    • A mouth guard be worn for rugby and hockey
    • Football boots be worn for both football and rugby
    However, these are all mandatory for team training and inter-school fixtures

    The school reserves the right to refuse entry to pupils who persistently (i.e. after reasonable warning) refuse to follow the school uniform and dress codes.

    Summary table

    Pre-PrepPrep SchoolSenior School
    Must wear a hatYesYesNo
    Black, leather shoesYesYesYes
    Socks to cover anklesYesYesYes
    Skirt to cover kneesYesYesYes
    School bag: satchel, backpack & games bagYesYesYes
    Own bag (blue or black)NoNoYes
    Jewellery and make-upNoNoNo
    Hair tied upYesYesNo
    Regular watchYesYesYes
    Smart watchNoYr 7&8 onlyYes
    Watch with photo or video capabilityNoNoNo

    Sixth Form Uniform

    The Sixth Form Uniform Policy can be found here

    All sections of this policy are reviewed annually.